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EPCIS SoapTestingClient
The SOAP Client builds test SOAP messages for the EPCIS Server. The package includes over 100 queries. Both, the outgoing and return message are written to the console.

SOAP Client Source Video
SOAP Client Operation Video

The EPCIS 1.0 Specification defines specific functionality that a valid EPCIS Implementation must provide. Branch 0 and 1 outline the specific requirements that must be tested as defined by the specification.

There are four main branches for our testing, the source code supports two branches:

Test Branch 0 – Capturing Application Support
Support for Capturing Application using HTTP binding.

Test Branch 1 – Capture Server Support
Support for capture Server using HTTP binding.

EPCIS REST binding
The EPCIS REST binding brings a new level of accesibility to the EPCIS data model. The REST paramaters match the SOAP/XML binding. The binding is modeled as follows.

REST Requests are composed by serializing the request component – often in xml or object model – and composing a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). The figure below depicts the process: 1) compose a request object; 2) serialize request content into a URL; 3) make an HTTP request using the composed URL; 4) server side, deserialize the content contained in the URL request; 5) bind URL content to EPCIS object model; 6) process and serve request. Below is a long list of possible requests. Each REST request is adjacent to the XML/SOAP request for comparison.

Class to make HTTPS requests, permits "untrusted" certificates

EpcisEventGenerators I
Simulation of Event Generators for:
*Case Commissioning Events
*Pallet Commissioning Events
*Pack Cases Events
*Receive Pallet Events
*Pick Order Events

EpcisEventGenerators II
Simulation of Event Generators for:
*Ship Order Events
*Receive Order Events
*Store Inventory Events

Code Creates HTML Markup for XML files


EPCIS Event Data generation tools

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